The topic of this week’s theme round can be found here on the Sunday before each trivia.

What:  Trivia!  We have 4 rounds of five questions each, plus a halftime round and, if necessary, a tiebreaker.  The questions come from a wide array of topics, but every week the 2nd round is a theme round.  The theme is announced at the previous week’s trivia night, and is posted here the day before (or thereabouts.)

When:  Every Monday night at 8:30.  We’re almost always done by 10, depending on the crowd.

Where:   Mattie B’s Public House found at 1125 North Carolina 54 #301 in Hope Valley Commons, Durham.

Why:  It’s fun!  If that’s not enough, the winning team gets $40 off their bar tab.  The best team name wins a pitcher of beer.  The best wrong answer of the night wins some random crap like a pint glass or a shirt or something.  On nights where we have 12 or more teams we are also giving $20 off the bar tab of the 2nd place team.

Who:  At Mattie B’s your host is a guy name John, who also writes the questions. He guarantees that all answers are as correct as a few minutes of Googling from his couch can confirm.

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