The topic of this week’s theme round can be found here on the Sunday before each trivia.

What:  Trivia!  We have 4 rounds of five questions each, plus a halftime round and, if necessary, a tiebreaker.  The questions come from a wide array of topics, but every week the 2nd round is a theme round.  The theme is announced at the previous week’s trivia night, and is posted here the day before (or thereabouts.)

When:  Every Monday night at 8:30.  We’re almost always done by 10, depending on the crowd.

Where:  You have 2 options: Mattie B’s Public House found at 1125 North Carolina 54 #301 in Hope Valley Commons, Durham or Black Twig Cider House at 2812 Erwin Road in Durham. Same questions at the same time at each place.

Why:  It’s fun!  If that’s not enough, the winning team gets $40 off their bar tab.  The best team name wins a pitcher of beer.  The best wrong answer of the night wins some random crap like a pint glass or a shirt or something.  On nights where we have 12 or more teams we are also giving $20 off the bar tab of the 2nd place team. *UPDATE FOR 2017:* We now keep track of how well teams do from week to week and give away prizes for cumulative performance and attendance at the end of each quarter. More info can be found on the Weekly Leaderboard page.

Who:  At Mattie B’s your host is a guy name John, who also writes the questions. He guarantees that all answers are as correct as a few minutes of Googling from his couch can confirm.  At Black Twig your host is a guy names Sam. He makes no guarantees, and will probably suggest that you address any trivial complaints to John.


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