May 28, 2018: Round 2 is on Hot Dogs, but ONLY at Black Twig.

Your Mattie B’s host (John) is out of town so we are not having trivia at Mattie’s.  Black Twig will have trivia as usual. Things return to normal on 6/4.


Black Twig closed tonight (5/21): Trivia still on at Mattie B’s

Black Twig had to close early today (5/21), but we’re still having trivia at Mattie B’s.  Any Black Twig folk are welcome to join, we’ll probably start about 10 minutes late at Mattie’s to accommodate.

(Note: things will be reversed next week 5/28, since next Monday there is no trivia at Mattie B’s but there WILL be trivia at Black Twig. This is a coincidence.)