November 10, 2014: Round 2 is on pimping.

Champion: “Net neutrality is the Obamacare for the internet.”

Best team name: We blame Obama for losing tonight.

Best wrong answer: The word pimp first appeared in English in 1607, and is believed to have derived from a French word meaning what?  It was not derived from pamplemousse (meaning grapefruit). It actually comes from “pimper” meaning “to dress elegantly.”

Team Total (30)
“Net neutrality is the Obamacare for the internet” 29
These snozzeberries taste like snozzeberries 25
Frequent/Long time/Full time drinkers, first time thinkers 24
And in first place… 24
The Mid-Term Erections 24
The Inanimate Carbon Rods 23
We preemptively blame Obama for losing tonight 22
Working Title 21
A house divided 20
If net neutrality is the obamacare of the internet, will Myspace be put down by a death panel? 19
Democrats vote in negative numbers 19
Butters’ Bottom Bitches 17
There’s always money in the banana stand 17
Last Place 15
“And now a new anxiety seized me – the smell would be smelt by a neighbour!” An Exerpt from The Tell-Tale Fart 12
We came late but at least we came 8

November 3, 2014: Round 2 is on Hell.

Champion: Fuck you Thom Tilis

Best team name: Dude, you found a plant that grows pre-pickled peppers and you only picked a peck?!

Best wrong answer: Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota have built a room with mesh floors and walls lined with fiberglass wedges that is the Guinness record holder for the world’s most what location? The answer is not the most “trampoline” location (it is actually the quietest.)

Team Total (32)
Fuck you Thom Tillis 25
Godzilla currently inpatient with Ebola 24
Steve Holt! 24
Don’t Drive Like My Brother 23
Blowing up like Virgin Galactic 23
Lena Dunham: World’s Best Sister 19
Team 3rd Place 17
Gruesome Twosome 17
22.8 Hours until the political ads end 16
Taylor Swift kick in the face 15
Dude, you found a plant the grows pre-pickled peppers and you only picked a peck?! 12